“Unleash the Power of
Energy Monitoring
in Your Facility”

by Bill Holmes, was released on January 22, 2016

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Since founding Holmes AutoPilot in 1979, Bill has been installing Permanent Energy Monitoring Systems as the first step in every project and training the operators how to use the resulting data to operate their buildings most efficiently. Projects have included facilities ranging from libraries, office buildings, schools and hospitals to industrial plants owned by G.E., Honda, RCA and many others.

By applying Bill’s methods, energy costs were reduced by 10%, 20% and in some cases, more than 50%, through no-cost, low-cost changes in operation, control and maintenance alone. Paybacks on the investment in the Monitoring Systems have been weeks or months in nearly every project.

The first “How-To” book on Energy Monitoring, this book is written for the managers and the men and women who operate and maintain Energy Systems in complex facilities, Energy Professionals looking for a better way and those training for such careers.

It will teach you how to take advantage of Cloud-Based Information Technology, and through changes in the operation and control of Energy Systems, produce, document and maintain actual savings far exceeding those resulting from other methods. Using actual examples and common sense techniques, it will teach you step-by-step, how to select the points to monitor and the sensors, design and install the Energy Monitoring system, set up the software and reporting, and use it!