Reference Letters

Plant Engineer, General Electric Appliance Plant

“Through operating changes alone, we have improved our system efficiency 20% which will cut our costs between $200,000 and $300,000 a year. We had no way to do it before we had the AutoPilot System” 

Manager of Maintenance, RCA Thomson Consumer Electronics

“We evaluated several systems and selected AutoPilot because it was easier to install and the software development and support could not be matched by anyone else. A lot of systems can gather data but leave it up to the user on how to process the data. With AutoPilot you get the whole package, they have tailored the programs to our specific needs. We have assigned accurate dollar figures on what it costs to generate compressed air, chilled water and produce steam and have been able to allocate costs among three departments.” 

Engineer, GenCorp Automotive Components Plant

“Using the AutoPilot System for my Six Sigma Project, I identified, implemented, documented and maintained annual cost savings of approximately $125,000. My project was identified as the # 1 cost savings opportunity corporation wide and my company plans to install the AutoPilot System in all of our plants”

Plant Engineer, Kosmos Cement Plant

“By detecting high amperage on a 3,000 Hp motor, we avoided a catastrophic failure and the AutoPilot System paid for itself (more than $100,000) in one day” 

Vice President, Manufacturing, Golden Castings

“We have, for the first time been able to understand and begin to manage our electric costs effectively. Before AutoPilot we had no way to track and evaluate the overall performance of our compressed air system” 

General Manager, Mariah Meat Packing Plant

“I just wanted to let you know that we have nearly completed the conversion of our plant to processing and packaging only. The data that the AutoPilot System provided was a major factor in that decision. Knowing the utility costs associated with specific systems within out plant helped us to determine that it was no longer competitive in our industry. We shut down one energy-intensive operation and have realized considerable savings by subcontracting that portion of our business.”