iDOS™ Approach

Our Approach

Most others start with specific solutions; install new lights or variable speed drives, increase insulation, reduce air and steam leaks, etc. Our approach is to take the Macro or total system view of each facility with no preconceived ideas of what problems and solutions we might find. By installing the iDOS System as the first step in every project and applying proven problem solving techniques, we let the actual data lead us to the opportunities. As a result we have uncovered problems that may have existed for many years, in some cases since the facility was built, that other energy professionals have missed.

Our Methods

Are based simply on applying proven scientific methods to actual monitored data; defining and understanding problems before proposing solutions. Our experience is that by applying good management and engineering problem-solving techniques to actual monitored data, system and equipment efficiencies can be improved and waste minimized through changes in operation, management, control and maintenance. Results are achieved essentially by just tuning up existing building energy systems. Savings start the first day! And think about the other benefits that are similar to tuning up a car; improved performance, better reliability, longer equipment life and much more.

Our approach allows us to identify and attack the best savings opportunities with the lowest implementation costs first. Most of the problems that we have encountered and solved in our projects are people problems; technology is only a tool. Capital improvements are normally not required.

The first step in every project is the installation of the iDOS System

We recognized during our first few years that because we are primarily dealing with people problems, savings opportunities will always exist in every facility no matter how much they have invested in prior energy projects. As a result, rather than investing time and money in energy audits, studies and models, the first step in every project is the installation of the iDOS System. From then on the facility has a permanent, unbiased ongoing record of when, where and how efficiently every dollar is spent every hour of every day. Utility dollars can be correlated with production, weather, time of day and day of the week. Waste can be exposed and minimized. Utility dollars can be managed like every other dollar.