The Power of Information

The iDOS System is an Information Tool Designed by Energy Engineers & Managers for Energy Engineers & Managers

The First Step in Cutting Utility Costs is Finding Out Where You’re Spending Your Money

iDOS was developed in 1979. Holmes AutoPilot pioneered the use of actual monitored data to allow energy costs to be managed like all other costs within a facility. We designed, built and installed the first AutoPilot Monitoring System in 1979. Holmes AutoPilot projects have resulted in savings of 10-20% and more in plants owned by Fortune 500 companies.

The Power of Information Alone; no Capital Improvements Required.

By using actual monitored data from the iDOC System and applying good management and engineering problem-solving techniques, efficiencies can be improved and waste minimized. Results can be achieved essentially by just tuning up building energy systems.

iDOS is a Cloud-Based Turnkey Information System that includes all Hardware and Software.

It monitors and reports energy usage and costs, system sizing and efficiency, operation, maintenance and control.

iDOS gives Facility Operators the Live Data and Historical information they need

to keep their systems running at peak efficiency for a superior environment at the lowest possible cost.

iDOS is Easy-to-Use

Designed primarily as a tool for operators, technicians and managers, AutoPilot is intuitive and easy-to-use. A brief introduction is all that is required to allow authorized personnel to view Key Energy Data from their facility.

iDOS Information is Available 24 Hours per Day

Operators have 24 hour access to Live data via any internet connection. It’s like having an energy engineer on staff.