Part Load Efficiency is the Key to Operating Complex Energy Systems at the Lowest Cost


Watson: Holmes, your entire career has been spent tuning up existing energy systems in existing buildings. You have been able to consistently produce savings of 10%, 20% and more without Energy Audits, without Benchmarking and without Capital Improvements. Paybacks on the initial investment in the permanent instrumentation required to produce these savings have been weeks or months.

What’s your secret? What problems have you found? What actions have been taken to correct them? How can others do the same in their facilities?

Holmes: As we have discussed in many of our blogs, the best opportunities with the fastest paybacks always come from no-cost, low-cost changes that match the operation of the energy systems to the energy requirements of the facility.

Improving the part-load efficiency of energy systems is the second biggest opportunity in all complex facilities. We always monitor the efficiency of energy use for all major systems. The common approach of installing sub-metering to measure only how much energy a piece of equipment is using misses this huge opportunity.

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