The iDOS System Provides Energy Information for All of your Facilities on the Cloud, Accessible by your Managers and Operators 24/7.

Allows you to view Live and Historical Visual Energy Data from any Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Presents Energy Information in an intuitive and easy-to-use format.

Documents every kwh, therm, gallon and dollar that passes through every utility meter every minute of every day.

Documents what percent of every kwh, therm, gallon and dollar is needed, used efficiently, wasted or unaccounted for.


Documents the contribution of each system, piece of equipment, product, process, department and shift to energy consumption, peak demand and cost.

Shows how much energy each should use to satisfy the needs of the total facility.

Shows how much coincident peaks can be reduced through scheduling alone.

Shows how much waste is due to equipment that is running when it should be off.

Shows whether energy systems are running at peak efficiency under all operating conditions.

Shows if the efficiency can be improved and the energy usage reduced.

Shows if weather is a significant factor.

Documents how much energy is being wasted at night, on weekends and holidays.

Documents how a weekday compares with a weekend day, a holiday. How first shift compares with second, third.

Documents the base load, the minimum load that is running 24/7.

Documents what percent of the monthly bill it represents.

Shows where it’s coming from.

Shows if it can be lowered.

Allows Operators and Managers to be accountable for energy use and cost.

Provides reports by department, product and shift.

Allows energy costs to be included in unit costing.

Provides an incentive to reduce energy costs.

Provides Cloud-Based warnings and alarms 24/7.

Alerts you when equipment is running poorly before it fails.

Tracks and Documents “out of range” incidents.

Provides Baseline Information before new equipment is purchased

Provides data to “tune” new equipment for highest efficiency.

Tracks and Documents performance before and after the change.

Demonstrates Responsible Corporate Leadership by Example.

Provides a Portal to allow your Board of Directors, Shareholders and Employees to view Sustainability Achievements, Energy Consumption and Costs, Savings and more.

Provides data for your Corporate Website, Annual Reports and Public Relations.

Provides Automatic Reporting and Documentation to satisfy your Sustainability needs for ISO 50001, Carbon Emissions, State, Cities and more.

Demonstrates to your family, friends, neighbors and community, your commitment to a healthier environment.