The Initial Hardware Cost Includes :

iDOS Panels, Sensors and Installation.

iDOS Panels can be Leased or Purchased.

We will:

Assist the Owner with selection of monitoring points and sensors.

Design, build, test and warrantee the iDOS Panels.

Prepare installation drawings.

Ship the Panels and drawings to the jobsite.

Options for installation include:

1) We will provide a complete turnkey System including all iDOS Hardware, Sensors, Wiring and Installation.

2) The Owner will purchase the specified Sensors and Wiring.

3) The iDOS System will be installed in accordance with the supplied drawings, specifications and all applicable codes and other requirements by:

a) The Owner.

b) A qualified independent contractor.

The Monthly Software Cost Includes:

Customer Support.

Access to the iDOS Server.

Continually Updated Software, Analytics, Reports and Graphs.

There is an Initial Six Month Minimum Period for the Monthly Fee.

No Contract is Required, only a purchase order.

The Contract can be cancelled by either party at any time thereafter with no penalty or additional fees due.


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