The best method is always hardwiring to the Internet; just plug an Ethernet cable from an existing network or router into the built-in port on the Meter Module hub as shown in Figure 1. The AutoPilot Panel includes very robust communications and is able to communicate with our server from existing buildings without actually being on the IT Network. It sends data through an open router port but is not on the Network and cannot affect it. A technical document is available upon request that describes the details. We have furnished AutoPilot Panels to Hospitals and large Industrial Plants with approval from their IT departments.

For immediate access, short-term installations, or where a wired connection is not available, each AutoPilot Panel is shipped with wireless router that can accept an “air card” from any cell provider for a cost of around $20 per month. The AutoPilot bandwidth and data transmission is very low so the least expensive data plan will work. This option allows the user to choose the provider with the strongest cell signal at the panel location.