AutoPilot is completely Modular. Cloud-Based, Stand-Alone AutoPilot Modules are the basic Building Blocks of all AutoPilot Systems.

Facility-Wide and Enterprise-Wide Systems are a combination of AutoPilot Modules, all sending data to the AutoPilot Server.

AutoPilot Modules are separate stand-alone, Cloud-Based Modules to monitor specific systems. There are Modules for Utility Meters, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Compressors, Pumps and more. Custom Modules will be configured for new applications.

Compressed Air Module

AutoPilot Modules:

  • Include sophisticated AutoPilot software, analytics and reporting
  • Are shipped complete with all hardware, software and instructions as an easy-to-use “Kit”Identify savings opportunities
    • Mount the panel and sensors, connect the low voltage wires, plug the panel into a standard 115 V outlet and provide a Web or cell connection
    • View your data on-line in 3-5 minutes.
    • Provide immediate feedback from no-cost, low-cost changes
    • Verify that the savings are maintained on a continuous basis
  • Provide Real Time and Historical Graphs and Reports that show:
    • The relationship between energy costs and production, weather, occupancy, time of day and day of the week
    • Anomalies can be spotted, changes made and a continuous improvement process used to reduce waste and costs
  • Can monitor specific systems:
    • On a stand-alone basis
    • As a part of a comprehensive Total Facility AutoPilot System
    • As a part of an Enterprise-Wide Energy AutoPilot System

Lease one module to prove the value in your facility and then add more to create a Total Facility or Enterprise-Wide Energy AutoPilot System