What is iDOS?

iDOS is a Diagnostic & Optimization System Designed to help Industrial Facilities Reduce Energy & Water Consumption & Costs, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

iDOS is a Cloud-Based Preventive and Predictive Management Tool; a Turnkey System that includes all Hardware and Software.

iDOS includes Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Screens, Live Visual Data and the Information needed to Operate Complex Energy Systems most Efficiently.

What can iDOS do for me?

iDOS allows You to Create, Document and Maintain Energy & Water Savings from Good Management Combined with No-Cost, Low-Cost Changes. No Capital Projects are Required.

iDOS allows you to be Proactive rather than Reactive by Tracking Key System Performance Indicators and Alerting you Before a Failure Occurs.

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iDOS Cloud-Based Analytics, Reports & Graphs

iDOS Analytics Transform Raw Data into Live and Historical Energy & Water Consumption and Costs by Facility, Meter, Department, Product, System, Efficiency, Time, Peak Demand, Weather & More.

View your Facility Live from any Web connection on your Phone, Tablet or PC.

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iDOS is Modular

Cloud-Based, Custom, Stand-Alone iDOS Modules are the basic Building Blocks of all iDOS Systems.

Lease or Purchase one iDOS Module to prove the value in your facility and then add more to create a Total Facility or Enterprise-Wide iDOS System.

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Facility-Wide iDOS

A Facility-Wide iDOS System is comprised of iDOS Modules connected to all major Energy & Water Systems. It allows facility managers and operators to track Energy & Water Consumption and Costs Live from any Web connection.

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Enterprise-Wide iDOS

View all Facility-Wide iDOS Systems Live from any Web connection. Track and compare costs among facilities based on size, space usage, production, energy systems, weather and more.

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iDOS Pays for Itself from Savings

There is Initial Cost for iDOS Panels, Sensors and Installation. This Cost May Qualify for Funding from Your Local Utility.

A Monthly Cost Includes Access to the Cloud-Based iDOS Server, Continually Updated Software, Analytics, Reports and Graphs and Customer Support.

iDOS normally Pays for Itself within a Few Weeks or Months from Savings.

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Unleash the Power of Cloud-Based Diagnosis & Optimization in Your Facility

The first “How-To” book on Energy Monitoring, this book is written for the managers and the men and women who operate and maintain Energy Systems in complex facilities, Energy Professionals looking for a better way and those training for such careers.

It will teach you how to take advantage of Cloud-Based Information Technology, and through changes in the operation and control of Energy Systems, produce, document and maintain actual savings far exceeding those resulting from other methods.


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iDOS: Industrial Diagnostic & Optimization System

37 Years of Success Installing the iDOS System and Using the Resulting Data to Create Savings of 10%, 20% and more through no-cost, low-cost measures alone.

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