What is iDOS™?

iDOS is a Diagnostic & Optimization System Designed to help Industrial Facilities Reduce Energy & Water Consumption & Costs, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

iDOS™ is a Cloud-Based Preventive and Predictive Management Tool; a Turnkey System that includes all Hardware and Software.

iDOS™ includes Sophisticated Analytics, Intuitive Screens, Live Visual Data and the Information needed to Operate Complex Energy Systems most Efficiently.

What can iDOS™ do for me?

iDOS™ allows You to Create, Document and Maintain Energy & Water Savings from Good Management Combined with No-Cost, Low-Cost Changes. No Capital Projects are Required.

iDOS™ allows you to be Proactive rather than Reactive by Tracking Key System Performance Indicators and Alerting you Before a Failure Occurs.

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iDOS™ Cloud-Based Analytics, Reports & Graphs

iDOS™ Analytics Transform Raw Data into Live and Historical Energy & Water Consumption and Costs by Facility, Meter, Department, Product, System, Efficiency, Time, Peak Demand, Weather & More.

View your Facility Live from any Web connection on your Phone, Tablet or PC.

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iDOS™ is Modular

Cloud-Based, Custom, Stand-Alone iDOS™ Modules are the basic Building Blocks of all iDOS™ Systems.

Lease or Purchase one iDOS™ Module to prove the value in your facility and then add more to create a Total Facility or Enterprise-Wide iDOS™ System.

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Facility-Wide iDOS™

A Facility-Wide iDOS™ System is comprised of iDOS™ Modules connected to all major Energy & Water Systems. It allows facility managers and operators to track Energy & Water Consumption and Costs Live from any Web connection.

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Enterprise-Wide iDOS™

View all Facility-Wide iDOS™ Systems Live from any Web connection. Track and compare costs among facilities based on size, space usage, production, energy systems, weather and more.

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iDOS™ Pays for Itself from Savings

There is Initial Cost for iDOS™ Panels, Sensors and Installation. This Cost May Qualify for Funding from Your Local Utility.

A Monthly Cost Includes Access to the Cloud-Based iDOS™ Server, Continually Updated Software, Analytics, Reports and Graphs and Customer Support.

iDOS™ normally Pays for Itself within a Few Weeks or Months from Savings.

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iDOS™: Industrial Diagnostic & Optimization System

38 Years of Success Installing the iDOS System and Using the Resulting Data to Create Savings of 10%, 20% and more through no-cost, low-cost measures alone.

Put Your Building On AutoPilot; Sit Back, Relax. Contact Us & Learn More.

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